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Recovery of the Divine Likeness

John Wesley wrote a letter in 1734 which included, “I take religion to be, not the bare saying over of so many prayers morning and evening, in public or in private; not anything super added now and then to a careless or worldly life; but a constant ruling habit of the soul; a renewal of our minds in the image of God; a recovery of the divine likeness; a still increasing conformity of heart and life to the pattern of our Most Holy Redeemer.”

Lessons from Your Parents

I was training a group of lay counselors the other day and asked them a question to begin our session together.

“What was a lesson you learned from your mother or father and how have you put it into practice in your life?”

As we went around the table, there was laughter, crying, long explanations and ultimately a deeper understanding of our connectedness with one another and our parents. Not everyone’s memories were all positive and some of the recollections include large gaps of missing information. But we all learned important lessons.

I have lots to choose from in the lessons my mother taught me. Loosing my dad when I was only 3, my mom instilled a deep faith and hope in the most challenging of times. I learned how to smile and keep positive regardless of circumstances. And at the same time I learned it is okay to be sad and cry when things get really hard. I learned that people matter and should be valued regardless of their faults. Most of all I learned that God is faithful and gives us strength to get through each day.

I try to live these lessons out in my life. Some days I do better than others.

What about you? What lessons did you learn from your mother or father and how have you put it into practice in your live?